Ahhh… THANK YOU sooo much for helping us bring our sweet baby GIRL into the world. Thank you for all the moral support during pregnancy and post-partum. Really, we LOVE you!! We love that not only are you our midwife, but our friend. I’m so glad God allowed us to make it back here to birth with you. Have so much fun with your Grandbabies birth. Soak him up and enjoy this lil, well deserved, vacation! Love ya & God bless! -Marcus, Janet and Family

Thank you for being so patient, so calm, and so amazing at what you do. You are so awesome and we miss seeing you often. I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you and how thankful I was to have you through my pregnancy. You made all of our appointments seem like visits with a friend – they were—and I just loved your cozy and relaxed atmosphere. – Harmony Allison

Denise, there have been so many moments when I have had sickness of something happen to one of the girls and I have not known what to do. In those moments, I always know I can call you. Your voice immediately calms me and brings light to the situation. Thank you so much for taking time to listen and answer my questions even when I know you have such a busy schedule. I am so thankful the Lord has placed you in my life. You are much more than just a midwife, you have become very dear to me.-Love, Elizabeth Bickish

Thank you so much for all your tender, loving care! The Lord has gifted you incredibly!-Joe & Edna

Thank you ALL so very much for guiding our family through pregnancy (again!) and the welcoming catch of our dear little one. Thank you for creating such a nurturing, enabling, loving environment for families and the beautiful blessings of BABIES. Our hearts are SO FULL of gratitude towards YOU and we are blessed to have you as a part (BIG chunk!) of our story.-Jennifer & Robert

Thank you for being so much more than my midwife! You are our family in a big way! Thank you for making both my birth experiences special and amazing. I have grown as a person by your friendship. My family is blessed to have you in our lives for many years (and babies) to come. You are way loved and appreciated! Every time you drink out of your ‘Big Hug Mug’ you are getting a big hug from us!-Trostruds

Thank you so much for helping us have a great birth experience for our baby. We couldn’t have asked for a better labor and delivery; you were instrumental in our birth and being exactly what we want. We love baby and being new parents. BIG thank you!-Kaley & Tyler

“Could not have asked for more!!! The birth of our son in December and all the care before was amazing. It makes my heart happy to have a dear friend with them now for her first. Its been 8 months and we still think of them often. Love love to these ladies!” –Kyla Kulp

Thank you for everything… for this opportunity, your support, your dedication and your incredible ability to function on low sleep!-Erin, Colt, and Dillon

You have been a great gift in my life; I always looked forward to our monthly and then weekly chats – like catching up with an old friend talking of new adventures – you have and amazing talent of making every morning-to-be feel like the world is revolving around her and the new little being. Thank you for being part of our birth story. His entry to this world was so beautiful and I feel reclaimed by something very special from your presence and touch.-Alicia

I arrived in Sandpoint seven and a half months pregnant, twin three-year-old in tow after a magical camping road trip across the US from Georgia trying to find a new home. I was set on having a home birth and finding a good midwife and as soon as I knew we were staying in Sandpoint, I googled home-birth, found Denise and asked if I could birth with her. I was concerned about my only medical records being in Dutch (we’d been living in the Netherlands when I got pregnant) but Denise’s daughter said no problem, she could read Dutch! I felt like I had rather landed on my feet, an impression that was completely above-and-beyond confirmed when I got to meet Denise in person and when she delivered my baby girl a month and a half later on our back deck. Two years later, I was ecstatic to be pregnant again and to be having care again with Denise and Rachel, not least because I just love hanging out with these ladies so much that it gave me a regular excuse to see them! They are not only extremely capable and experienced midwives, they are incredibly caring, nurturing, fun, beautiful people. I always felt completely safe and cared for in their hands, they handled my gestational diabetes with care and consideration, they even were totally happy to come out in the night to check heart tones in moments of my late pregnant anxiety. The pre-and post-natal care is incredible, with so much time to talk personally about how I was doing, what was going on both in my body and emotionally. I always walked away from their office feeling loved and happy. And the births themselves could not have been more magical and special! The first one was tricky as the baby turned posterior at the last minute, but Denise coached me through all the hard pushing and different positions and she was born safely. My second birth with Denise was everything I wanted it to be. Both Denise and Rachel are a powerful beautiful presence but never did we feel any kind of intrusion – my husband and I  felt like we owned our births completely and in the second one, my other three children were present too! And yet, I never doubted that they would do anything necessary to protect the safety of my baby and I. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of them as people and as professionals and if i could i would just keep having babies for the sake of getting to see them all the time!-Fiona Hicks

We can’t thank you enough for helping us bring our darling baby girl into the world. You are amazing at what you do. We could not have been in better hands. Parenthood is the absolute best!-Jillian, Ian and Hollyn

Thank you for making pregnancy and childbirth something to look forward to and enjoy. Your calm, gentle spirit makes me want to have a dozen more. We extol your virtues to every pregnant person we see!-Meagan, Jake, Roan, and Asher

Thank you so much for everything you do! You have empowered me and bonded me to all women through the beauty of childbirth. I am forever changed and forever grateful. We love you!-Jeanie, Dez and Kalen

I’m so happy to be one of your patients! You’ve done an amazing job at making Scott and I feel at ease and comfortable! Thank you so much for all you’ve done, and are going to do! We wish you an amazing Christmas!-Scott and Rosetta

Thank you so much for all your help with bringing our little girl into this world! You are so encouraging, patient, calm, and confident. You knew just what to do and how she was doing the whole time. We enjoyed your teamwork and willingness to give up so much time on your Saturday.-Kyle, Des and Brianna

“Dear Denise and Emily, Thank you so much for all you’ve done and for all you continue to do. The home birth was the most amazing experience and we wouldn’t have changed a thing. Thank you for all the love and encouragement. We couldn’t have done it without you! You two are the greatest!!!” — Dima, Mycah, and Alaisyah

“We just want you to know how much we appreciate you – not only did you deliver our sweet baby girl, but you still let me call and ask you tons of first time mommy questions!” — Chad, Nicki, & Kaylee

“Dear Denise and Emily, Thank you so much for all of your love and support! You have been a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration.” — The Yanceys

“Thank you so much for helping us through my pregnancy and the birth of Anna. We’re so happy with how everything went and with the care you provided.” — Bernadette, Herb, and Anna

“Denise and staff have delivered 5 out 6 of our children. Twice in her birthing center and the other three at home. Every experience has been wonderful and top notch! THE BEST MIDWIVES EVER!!!” –The Jenkins

Thank you to these photographers for capturing wonderful birth stories.
Annie Lange, Shelby Beck Photography, Carley Serwat, Fiona Hicks Photography