Childbirth Education

We provide general childbirth education at each prenatal as part of our prenatal services. We have an extensive library of literature on birthing, family, babies, and much more. Our library includes both Books and DVDs ranging from prenatal exercise to birthing and even postpartum yoga. We collaborate with a birthing instructor that provides regular birthing classes using the Bradley Method. We also have extensive resources to birthing educators in the area.

Prenatal Service

Our prenatals take place at our office in Sandpoint. We begin with a free consultation and then regular prenatals at monthly intervals. These increase as the pregnancy progresses. We use prenatals to educate our expecting mothers on nutrition and health during pregnancy, to discuss concerns of childbirth, and to develop birth plans that are inclusive of the mother’s and family’s needs. And naturally, we use these as an opportunity to check on and bond with the little growing being as it prepares for life on the outside.

Homebirth Services

Homebirth is one of the most convenient ways to have a baby. We come to your home with the supplies, equipment, and experience necessary to supporting you and your family through childbirth. In the comfort of your own home, we aid in the delivery of your baby and help ensure that both mom and baby are healthy in the days to come. Though rarely necessary, we also have the means to transport women to medical facilities should the family wish to relocate or if further medical assistance is required.

Birth Center Services

We have a birth center located in town, approximately 1.5 miles from the Bonner General Hospital. The birth center is often preferred by families that live in rural settings or would prefer an intimate and private setting for their birthing experience. More information on the birth center facilities can be found by clicking the link above.

Postpartum Services

Our postpartum services are designed to care for the new mother and her newborn, to ensure a supportive transition for both as well as the family. During this time, we are on-call for the family and available to answer any questions they may have or address concerns that arise during the first six weeks after delivery. We also visit our new mothers in the days after delivery and provide any postnatal testing (such as metabolic screens) desired in the warm environment of your own home.

For more information on any of our services or associated costs, please feel free to contact us.

As Health Care Providers, we are HIPAA Compliant. Our Privacy Policy is available for review upon request.

Water Birth

We are very happy to offer water birth services to our families. Being surrounded by water helps keep the mom relaxed during contractions, increases endorphin release, and is a peaceful environment for baby should the mom decide to birth in the water. At the birth center we have a large tub for the laboring moms and inflatable tubs for rent if families are choosing homebirth.

Benefits of Water Birth

  • Reduce perception of pain
  • Reduced need for pharmacologic pain relief
  • Reduction in stress hormones
  • Increased relaxation and endorphin release
  • Helps facilitate labor progress

Women love the effects of water during labor and many consider the ‘aqua-dural’ an ideal birthing environment.