Lori Sabin, LM, CPM

I was born and raised here in beautiful Boundary County. Growing up on a farm, I have a deep appreciation for hard work, gardening, raising animals and the natural resources all around us. I have always been interested in nursing, health care and serving others. So it seemed like a logical step in my life to join the Army after I graduated high school and train as a combat medic, serve my country and earn some money to go to college.  After my training I worked in a ground ambulance unit at my first duty station in Fort Benning Georgia. We supported a lot of training there, to include airborne school and ranger school. In the hot humid south I learned a great deal about dehydration and IV fluids. When the Gulf War began my unit deployed to Saudi Arabia for 8 months to support soldiers in Operation Desert Shield and Storm. What an experience, it seems like a lifetime ago. I met my husnband before I left the service and we were married in Georgia in 1992. I started college right away with hopes of getting my nursing degree. Then along came our first son in 1994, then three more in 1996, 1998 and 2000. Needless to say I didn’t finish my nursing and enjoyed being a mother of four active little boys. It was a dear and precious time especially now that they are all grown up.

A spark or passion began to grow in me as I had my children. I loved everything pregnancy and birth.  I think having my babies in military hospitals is what put me on my path to midwifery. I had a desire to feel heard, supported and cared for. Not just one of the masses, or next in line. Hurry up and wait. So after much prayer I began my first classes in 2009 at Midwives College of Utah.  Then in 2011 my husband retired after 21 years in the service and we moved home to Bonners Ferry. So that in addition to my didactic learning, I could apprentice with three local midwives and an OB/GYN. Barbara Rawlings and Kendra Scarlett are both retired LM’s now. They practiced together in Boundary County and surrounding areas for more than 40 years. Their model of midwifery care and commitment to families inspired me to continue in their steps. They will forever be some of my favorite people and dearest friends. Sherry Bushnell, CPM, LM was in integral part of my midwifery training as well. Her quiet and peaceful presence at births was a great attribute and I endeavor to model that for my clients. She is now a Nurse Practitioner and providing care in a rural and busy Family Practice Office here in Bonners Ferry. She is always available for questions or consults and we love her! Lastly I spent a seven month rotation with Dr. Anne Camber attending clinical days and births at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center in Libby. She was an amazing teacher and worked hard to integrate midwives and teach us excellent risk management skills. After graduating and earning my CPM in 2014, I applied for my Idaho license and have never looked back. I will reach 200 births this year. That is an exciting goal to me as a rural Idaho midwife and I look forward to serving my community and home birth families for many years to come.

Lori Sabin, LM, CPM



Rachel Dolph, CPM

Rachel joins us as a newly credentialed midwife and is very excited to be serving and supporting the community. A Sandpoint native, Rachel spent ten years in Western Washington, and has been back in Sandpoint and working with Pend Oreille Midwifery for over four years! Having attended over 300 births and completing her midwifery education, Rachel received her license in 2019. Rachel and her husband Kyle welcomed their first baby in December and at this time, she is not attending births. She is, however, excited to support the community and will continue to be a familiar face at the birth center, organizing mom groups, and resourcing families in any way she can!

Rachel is a homebirth and VBAC baby, and is very passionate about birth work and wholistic nutrition. She loves to sing and will one day write a book elaborately describing her love of food, health, and growing a garden.  She is loving growing her family in Sandpoint with her husband Kyle, their new baby girl, her beloved dog, and all her house plants.

Sandy Bex

Meet Sandy! She teaches our childbirth education classes!

While expecting our first child we took the Bradley Method and from then on,  I was hooked.  I attended a weekend training in Chicago and finished the book work through the following year.  Since becoming certified I’ve enjoyed walking with couples on their pregnancy journey and preparing them for the birth of their children.  When I’m not teaching classes I enjoy soaking up the sun with my husband and our two boys at the lake as well as hiking, decorating cakes, gardening, reading and impromptu dance parties.